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Don't end up stranded! If you have a tire that's losing air, get it checked out. London Tire Center will see if tire repair is an option.

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London Tire is the London, KY source for dependable repairs on tires. Tire repair may be needed as the result of a blow out, or because of a more slow striking issue. Road debris can penetrate a tire without being noticed, and cause a serious puncture. The continual drop in pressure caused by a slowly leaking tire may lead to a number of problems such as unreliable handling, bad gas mileage, or instability on the road.

Signs that tire repairs are needed include:

  • Deflation just after inflation of the tire
  • The shape of one tires differs significantly from the others

Our tire repair service includes:

  • Locating the puncture
  • Preparing the tire for repair
  • Placement of a plug/patch in the puncture
  • Adhesive sealing of the patch

When you need tire repair, see our tire experts for a reliable, safe, and thorough repair. You can trust the London, KY area authority on tire repair. Contact us today to set an appointment.

How soon do I need to have a tire repaired?

It does not pay to procrastinate on tire repairs and to keep filling a leaking tire. While it may be an effort to make the time to come in for a repair, putting off it could mean the difference between a quick repair and the need for a brand new tire. Driving on a compromised tire is unsafe and may complicate the original damage. We know tires are a big investment, so whenever possible, we perform a lasting repair that will have you back on the road with minimal expense.

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